Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopbops' Bop Basics

I LOVE this line of well-designed staples and signature pieces that are meant to work with what's already in your closet.  It's the perfect place to start when revamping your wardrobe or updating it with a few more modern pieces.  Although the pieces are slightly pricey (you are definitely not in forever21 anymore), the quality and craftsmanship are completely worth it  :)  I have added some photos of some of my favorite pieces below. In the spirit of wardrobe staples, my outfit for today consists of a recently purchased plain gray dress-see how I styled it below ;)  What are some of your wardrobe staples and where do you shop for them?

Ginger Dress (on my wishlist!)
Thick-knit Eternity scarf (2 colors)
The Fiance Blazer (3 colors)
Slub 3/4 Sleeve Tee (4 colors)
Dress: Zara, Blazer: H&M, Belt:

Lace-up Wedges: Zara
Watch: Casio, Coin: Garage, Pearl & Gold: H&M
Rings: Forever21, Banana Republic
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  1. Hey girl!
    That Zara dress is fan-tastic and I am loving your casio watch and that camera ring!

    That ginger dress on your wishlist is a lot like the one I have coming in the mail, it's by Free People!


    p.s. where is your blog list? I don't see my URL?? :(

  2. Thanks Jen, Sorry had you listed on just my reading list, but have now added you to the main page. Let me know if it shows up :)


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