Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Perfect Pair

I recently found this picture on in one of their lookbooks (love those lookbooks). This picture completely inspires me, as she looks so chic, but yet so comfortable at the same time.  I truly believe that is what fashion is suppose to be, chic & comfortable.  Sure, we have all suffered for the name of fashion (case in point: those killer, mile-high stilettos that make our  feet hurt like hell every time we wear them), but for the most part, I dress on the comfy side. I don't like to wear things that feel too tight, or that are too short that I have to tug on them all day is that being fashionable? I pretty much have some sort of variation of this entire outfit in my wardrobe EXCEPT for the perfect pair of black flats, I declare a shoe hunt ;) Do you have your own perfect pair of black flats?

P.S. Look what came in the mail for me, can you guess what it is? I will be wearing it later this evening for drinks :)

Happy Saturday, Dolls!


  1. you are right - this picture is really impressing! thanks for sharing!

  2. What did you get in the mail??!!

    And as for my fave pair of black def has to be my Tory Burch Reva's :D



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