Thursday, September 9, 2010

She's Tying The Knot. . . .

I have an outfit dilemma! Tomorrow evening I have a friend's Bachelorette Party/Bridal Shower to attend. This is where my dilemma begins & what better way to solve it then to ask all you fashion-forward people for help!  I have my Karina Grimaldi bright pink blouse that I want to wear, but I have 3 options for bottoms, shoes, & outerwear. I have photographed each outfit, but need help deciding what to wear...which outfit do you think would look the best??? I'm also open to suggestions on different combos of these pieces ;)

Pink blouse & Bottoms (textured jeggings, black jeggings, dark skinny jeans)

1.  Army parka & dark skinny jeans
2.   Grey Blazer & H&M jeggings
3.   Black blazer & black jeggings
Black cage heels, black pumps, or gray pumps...
Last minute prep :)

Thanks So Much For Your Help!
XoXo-Kelli K.


  1. Thanks ladies, but what outfit?! I'm stuck...


  2. I love all of these ensembles,but i REALLY love outfit number 3,with the black blazer and leggings.That outfit looks so casual and sophisticated,and well co-ordinated ofcourse.You cant go wrong with it :D hope i helped :D

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  3. I looooove outfit number 2 with the cage heels-- it adds a little attitude and lots of different textures. number 3 is great too... If the bride to be is a little more classic and simple with her own style i'd go with number three. if she's more edgy like yourself, go for number 2. you don't wanna outshine the bride to be! ;) xoxo love ya

  4. Hehe I actually really like outfit no 1. I wonder what you ended up wearing?

  5. cute! love all these pieces :)


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