Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Canadian Fashion, Comin' At Ya!

Some of you may have wondered just exactly what 'Aritzia' is in several of my posts. Aritizia, a Canadian-born fashion-forward clothing company,  is one of those stores that has everything you've ever wanted...and more! Their brands seem to hit on every trend, but always put their own little spin on it.  I decided to share where my inspiration for my outfit today came from & show you exactly why this store is giving my other favorites some competition....

Leopard print-check! Mixed Hues of Grey-Check!
Trouser Socks-Check! Over-sized Knit-Check! Comfy Shorts-Check!
Camel trousers-Check! Draped Ocher Silk-Check!
This hits on 'The Purist' trend...clean lines, luxurious fabrics, & simple hues.
Boyfriend jeans-Check! Over-sized knit-Check! Day Clutch Purse-Check!
Military Trend, Leather shorts, Velvet, & Fall Florals
Fall 2009...but still completely relevant!
Happy Shopping Dolls :)
Inspired by the 3rd & 4th photo above, I mixed my ocher colored dress with a grey blazer.

Blazer (Asos), Dress & Belt (H&M), Leopard-print bow (Forever21)
Suede Pumps (Forever21), Large Watch (Casio), Small Watch (UO)
Circle Necklace (Dogeared)
Happy Tuesday Lovelies! 


  1. seriously loving all these looks - thanks so much for sharing xxxxx

  2. Thanks so much hun, I appreciate you reading! Feel free to follow me if you like :)


  3. i love those peachy pink trousers

    peace x


  4. Love the gray and yellow together...GENIUS! Looks great on you! Am your new follower - check out my blog and follow if ya like!


  5. of all of the outfits in this post, i like yours best! that dress is wonderful...and you accessorized it so well!
    xox alison

  6. These looks are awesome, loving all of the layering!x

  7. You ladies are awesome, thanks for reading :)


  8. Wow that dress is fabulous gorgeous colour loving all your accessories too.

    I have just been looking through some of your older posts you have amazing style xoxo

  9. All the looks are pretty amazing, and so is yours! Absolutely love it! :o)


  10. LOVE the big gold watch!
    Also, props for embracing a great Canadian brand :)


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